Wood Tailor Stefan & Taylor Dining

Wood Tailor Stefan & Taylor Dining
Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + fbx Render: Corona

Wood Tailor Stefan & Taylor Dining
DIMENSIONS W52 L54 H70 cm, DIMENSIONS W230 L100 H76 cm
Polys 204656 verts 103340
In order to keep the natural materials present in its collection, the Wood Tailors Club’s designers expanded its handcrafted collection and designed the Stefan Dining Chair. Craftsmanship in walnut wood by Portuguese Artisans, upholstered in linen and with a back detail in leather, this line-shaped dining chair evokes a modern and contemporary air design. By introducing in decorations, the Stefan Dining Chair will add opulence and make any dining room remarkable.
Featuring an oblong top and two handcrafted unique legs design and premium details in brushed brass, this contemporary dining table has a touch of exclusiveness. The Taylor Dining Table is the stylish choice to impress in any timeless gentleman d├ęcor.

Wood Tailor Stefan & Taylor Dining

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