Outdoor Garden Woven Dining Set Belt Cord

Outdoor Garden Woven Dining Set Belt Cord
Platform: 3dsMax 2014 + fbx Render: Vray+Corona

I recommend to use opensubdiv modifier for cord instead of turbosmooth
— Model —
Model properly sized in mm units
Model has no hidden/frozen elements, no groups/linked objects
No lights, cameras, helpers, layers, particle view
All elements has 100/100/100 scale and correct normals
No modifiers in stack except of turbosmooth
Elements properly named

— Materials and maps —
No missing textures
No unnecessary maps in environment / background / unwrap modifier
Material editor resetted, all paths striped
Materials and textures properly named

— General —
No 3rd party plugin used
No ALC and CRP viruses
Track View Controllers deleted

Outdoor Garden Woven Dining Set Belt Cord

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