Kosa Sofa Ian Felton

Kosa Sofa Ian Felton
Platform: 3dsMax 2018 + fbx Render: Vray

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KOSA is a minimalist furniture collection created by New York-based designer Ian Felton. KOSA – the debut collection of designer Ian Felton was on display at Galerie Michael Bargo. Ancient societies dreamed of the stars and seasons, creating rituals and artifacts to narrate their worldview – objects were bestowed with spirit, leaving clues of our condition. Felton’s first family of artifacts – KOSA – explores the juxtaposition of pre-Columbian animism and the urban landscape we encounter today.

Materials: Alpaca Upholstery / Hardwood Maple Frame

Dimensions: 114W / 36D / 29H
290W / 92D / 74H (cm)

Kosa Sofa Ian Felton

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