Workplace NG9

Workplace NG9
Platform: 3dsMax 2016 + obj Render: Vray+Corona

Workplace NG9
Can also be used as a headboard or dressing table.
The set includes a desk with a fence, a hinged lid and a mirror, lighting, a FUNGO grado design pouf, a LIMESTONE lamp, a pen, a pencil, a sketchbook, a photo frame, perfume, and a box. The table can also be used as a headboard or dressing table.
Overall dimensions of the table D52 W204 H92 cm
In the archive: MAX2016(corona/vray) + OBJ + Texture + mtl
26490 polygon
XForm, there is a scan. Pivot is configured. Pivot of the lid is configured for convenient opening (closing)
Turbosmooth is applied to some models (in viewport – 0 iterations, in render – 1 iteration). In OBJ the stack is collapsed

Workplace NG9

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