Barnhouse with terraces and balconies

Barnhouse with terraces and balconies
Platform: 3dsMax 2015 + fbx Render: Vray+Corona

A real project.
Finishing – facade plaster and wood

The archive contains floor plans with the arrangement of furniture and drawings of facades on a scale of 1:50.
The model contains internal partitions of the floors, a staircase and a multi-level ceiling of the second floor.

Size in axes 10200×12000 mm
The dimensions of the object in the scene are 12690x16300x9570 mm.

The archive contains FBX and OBJ files

Since there are Displacement materials in the scene, it’s best to use millimeters as the unit of measure.
If you use other units of measure, you will need to adjust the Displacement size in the materials.

List of materials with Displacement:

The model consists of only quadrangular polygons.

Polys: 75272
Verts: 80704


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