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Marvelous Small Formal Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Marvelous Small Formal Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Transform your whole dining space with this beautiful and magnificent formal dining piece for small space. Credit:

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    A slim and sleek alternative:
    The dining areas in certain houses have a narrow design or are connected to the hallways and passages connecting different rooms which makes it quite difficult to place any kind of furniture or décor items in that area. This type of space can be diligently designed by placing a narrow and sleek table which follows the size and structure of that area for maximum space utilization. The complete narrow and modular design of the dining table and chairs will complement the space and also make it look functional. The floor space around the dining area can be freed by installing wall-mounted sconces or ceiling lights for task lighting in the area. The complete combination will make it a very interesting space in the house.

    A prominent circular set:
    The dining areas are often an extension of the wall or space of the living room. These spaces are demarcated by the continuation or separation of a low height wall most often. A circular dining table with a pedestal along with four armless chairs can be a good alternative for such a small space. The color palette should generally be kept white or light pastel in the shade while choosing this type of dining set. The use of a dark-colored carpet or rug beneath it and a circular wall pattern on its adjacent wall will make space look more prominent and captivating to the eye. It can also prove to be a very cost effective idea for furnishing the small dining are given the simplicity and minimalism achieved with the design and dining set furniture piece.

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