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Are you looking for some amazing ideas for the bathroom set up for your little ones? Are you unable to manage everything in a small area? Are you tired of arranging things in your washroom when your little monster uses it? Fret not; we are here to get you through this trouble.

These little monsters have a habit of messing up the whole space and leaving a wet washroom. Then the parents have a hard time getting ready for their daily routine or simply using the bathroom area. In order to teach the younger ones some bathroom etiquette to inculcating a knack of keeping the washroom clean, you need to give them their separate cute little washrooms. In this article, we will provide you with some handy tips in order to set up a perfect washroom for your little ones. We will shower you with some tips to arrange the whole bathroom in a small area with amazing interiors.

Hanging Baskets: In case you have two or more kids and they are sharing one bathroom, or the bathroom area is really small, you can go ahead and buy some hanging baskets with three or four tiers. This way, you can keep the bathroom organized by stuffing the extra things in the baskets or everyone’s personal items can go in there.

Open Shelf: Open shelves give a sleek, chic and modern look to the interiors that are being used now. The open shelving is a great option to keep in stuff that is needed by kids on a regular basis. The plus point of having open shelving is that you will have more room to store all your kid’s belongings.

Separate sinks for kids: I know it is a small area but it is really important to have separate sinks for kids in case, your kids are sharing the bathroom. Since it is a small area, you can install round shaped sinks that do not take up much space.

Hooks for towels: It often happens that kids use the towel and then they throw it in a pile of dirty clothes or fresh clothes. You are tired of telling them to hang the towels on the dry balcony. The solution to this problem is that you can install cute little hangers on the wall so that they can take the towel from there and hang them after they are done using the towels.

Bath Box: Create a cute little bath box for your munchkin so that you need not get more storage shelves. This is preferable for bathrooms with small areas. You can keep the bath box on the edge of the bathtub and it can carry their stuff like bath toys, bubble bath soap, and other knick-knacks.

Pocket hangers: For bathrooms in smaller spaces, you can buy cute pocket hangers in different yet quirky colors and hang them on the shower curtains. Here, they can store up the essentials that they need on a daily basis and the extras. This tip won’t take up ay space in the bathroom and leads to an organized shower space.

Shelf on top of the tub: Next, you can install a shelf on top of the tub in order to save space and can keep the shampoos, towels, soap etc. up there. This way the things won’t be scattered on the floor after a good baby bath and the bathroom will be spic and span.

Space Utilization: With small area bathrooms, you can make the open shelving system work by installing small shelves on each side of the sink. This will prove to be really helpful for the kids and everything will be up for grabs.

Stools: You can use the idea of sliding stools and can store them under the sink. This way you will be saving the bathroom space. Further, you can add in puffy curtains as an attachment to the sink, in order for those stools and make the washrooms look presentable.

Cute Critters: For toothbrushes, you can install cute critter with some cartoon faces on them so that your kid won’t nag you for a no wash day.

In a nutshell, it is really fun to organize and set up a small area bathroom for your kids and looking at them growing old. It is very important to inculcate cleanliness and independence in them and this your first step on this road. Make your kids love the affordable yet quirkiest bathroom.

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