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chairscoffeetable‌inacontemporarylivingroommusthave furnitureina multipurpose livingroom

chairscoffeetable‌inacontemporarylivingroommusthave furnitureina multipurpose livingroom

Prefect combinations of chairs, side tables, sofa and coffee table in a large, modern living room.


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    Side Tables
    Side tables are perfect multipurpose furniture to achieve a versatile and functional look in the living room. Depending on whether you want to add a hint of visual interest, show off your travel collections, maximize the decor scheme, or simply provide an extra seating surface during a family gathering, add one or two side tables. Remember to maintain the sense of order while choosing side tables.
    Invest in Built-ins
    Don’t hesitate to invest in built-ins to give your living room architectural elegance as well as a sense of balance. A doorway with shelves or cabinetry around a fireplace to hold the things you love or a multifunctional bookshelf that can act as a wall décor for handing adornments etc are ideal for living rooms that are multifunctional.

    Sectional Sofas
    With the arrival of space defining sectional sofas, the concept of ‘sofa for sitting straight’ has changed. The best part - flexible and functional sectional sofas can fit into any living space irrespective of the interior design styles and are a must-have furniture for the multipurpose living room. Many sectional sofas come with features like inbuilt phone chargers, speakers, and cup holders. Customization made it even smarter by incorporating additional storage options for magazines, remotes, and stationery. The flexible sectional sofas are easy to separate and rearrange so you can be sure that everyone gets a seat in the living room.
    Ottoman means more storage, more space, and more seating. Just like a chameleon who transforms with needs, ottomans can disguise as a decorative footstool for the three-seater sofa, a file cabinet, a cocktail table alternative, a cooler, a hangout spot for your pet, a coffee table, a chic space-saving storage item or an extra seating.
    Well, now you have quite a few ideas that will hopefully help you decorate your multipurpose living room in a better way.
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