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Bathroom Décor Ideas
Nowadays, people look for various ways in which they can upgrade the décor of their house and make it more attractive for visitors. Although, people often focus on their living areas and dining room, what they forget is that there is one room which a guest is most likely to visit. It is the bathroom. Every house owner wants to provide a hygienic and pleasing experience to the guest as well as their families. There are several bathroom decorating ideas which can be applied on small as well as huge bathrooms. So here we provide you a list of ten most effective ideas which can help you upgrade your bathroom:-


  • Replacing the Lighting Fixture:-

Replacing the traditional and boring lighting fixtures with the new and stylish ones can be a big upgrade for your bathroom. One can get many attractive fixtures in the market which are not difficult to install. In addition to these, the stylish fixtures are also quite pocket-friendly. It is best to use LED fixtures, as in the long-run it will prove to be more energy as well as budget efficient.


  • Hanging Paintings:-

There is no rule which says that the bathroom walls have to be vacant and boring. An individual can decorate the walls as per their likings. Your favourite painting or canvas adorning your bathroom walls can making it look very attractive. There is also an option of laminating these hangings so that they are water resistant and won’t spoil easily.


  • Replacing the Tiles:-

Having to see the same tiles over and over again can make it very monotonous and if you struck with tiles which do not complement the rest of your bathroom décor then you are in for big trouble. However, there is a way to correct this issue. Nowadays, removable adhesive tiles are available in the market which are easy to install as well as quite pocket-friendly. You can also replace it as per your wish without any impact on the surface below it.


  • Upgrading the hardware:-

Along with enhancing the beauty of the bathroom, it is also important to enhance its functionality by upgrading the hardware from the old ones to the new and efficient ones. Hardware replacement may include changing the toilet paper holder, towel stands, drawers, bathroom cabinets, etc. Upgrading the hardware is not a difficult task and can easily be done by two people.


  • Declutter:-

Often a cluttered space makes it look unpleasant. Bathroom are small spaces and cluttering it can further add to its unattractiveness. It is necessary for an individual to look at ways in which the space can be decluttered. Adding addition drawers or cabinets are some of the ways in which it can be done.


  • Upgrade the materials:-

Along with the walls and tiles, you also need to upgrade the materials that you are using in your bathroom to give a pleasing look. From your towels to the floor mat, it is important that they complement the colours and pattern of your new décor. This is quite easy to do and can be done according to your choice and requirements.


  • Additional Accessories:-

To add more personal touch and to reflect your personality in the décor, you can also add further accessories to make your bathroom look more appealing. You can add candles, a disposable basket, and a plant on the window of the bathroom. You can also add a scent diffuser to keep your bathroom smell fresh every minute.


  • Accessorize with large mirror:-

Having large mirrors spanning across the length of the wall make the whole space look very aesthetic. Many people prefer having a long mirror in their bathrooms which gives a very poise look without much hassle. Installing the mirror is also not a tedious task and can be done easily in one day.


  • Upgrading the sanitary fittings:-

While taking care of the looks of the bathroom, it is also important to pay attention to its sanitary fittings. Loose and overhanging fitting can give your bathroom a very unpleasant and cluttered look. Hence it is vital that you have them upgraded and fitted properly.


  • Utilize Space properly:-

The common mistake repeated by many is not utilizing the space properly. There are many hidden spaces in the bathroom which can be utilized efficiently like under the sink, on top of the cabinets, the hooks on the door, etc. It is necessary to utilize the space in your bathroom properly to give it a clean and organized look.

These are some of the ways in which you can upgrade the look of your bathroom and surprise all your guest by showing off the details.

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