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Mirror ideas for bathroom
Mirrors are an important part of our daily routine. Beautiful people have a great obsession with mirrors and everyone is beautiful in it’s own way which means everyone out there has an obsession for mirror. We check ourselves in the mirror every now and then and the most obvious place for mirrors is a bathroom. Mirror contributes a lot in the decor of the bathroom and is an essential part of it. There are different ways and tricks by which you can use mirrors more effectively.

Here are a few Mirror ideas for your bathroom
1 Go big
The simplest and easiest way to decorate your bathroom is by going for a bigger mirror than the usual one. Bathrooms have a small mirror which is not fit for the bathroom so you need to replace it with a bigger one. Big mirrors look amazing and are effective. Big mirrors also make your bathroom look big and spacious. Now the definition of a big mirror here differs from bathroom to bathroom. Some bathrooms are really big while others are not. So mirror should be according to that. If the bathroom size is small then you can have a mirror which covers one entire wall in width and should be at least half wall long in length. But if you have a bathroom of a room size then it should be according to the look as a wall size mirror in a big bathroom will ruin the look.

2 ‘Lights and mirrors’
Lights have a great influence on everything. A dull light will spoil the look of the most brilliant materials but good light can make even a plain mirror look magnificent. Lights and mirrors are a great combination provided you know how to merge them into a good look. There are many ways by which you can enhance the mirror look by lighting. First is the frame light. Frame light looks amazing on anything but on mirror, it is magical. Second one is a light placed behind the mirror which gives a fancy look. The third is placing a light above the mirror.

3 Double mirror
This is the unusual and unique type. In this,  instead of having one big mirror or just a mirror, you go for two mirrors. This looks amazing. Also, now a days, in most of the bathrooms there are more than one basins which creates a need for two mirrors, one for each but if there is only one basin you can still go for two mirrors if the basin is long in size. Two mirrors look more attractive. This is adopted by high class hotels and malls.

4 ‘Vintage’ Style
Someone said it right ‘Old is Gold’. No doubt, new designer, clean mirrors look amazing in the bathroom but vintage style mirrors are far more better than the new designer ones. A vintage style mirror brings in elegance and a touch of royalty with it to your bathroom. There is no comparison between a vintage and a new designer mirror. A new designer mirror is stylish and trendy whereas a vintage mirror is old type with old designs but still look far better than the designer one because of scarcity, beauty and value of the previous vintage material. We all know how valuable are vintage material. Also the vintage mirrors bring old designs, history, charm with them and if the proper theme is followed then no mirror can even come close to vintage mirrors. The only drawback of vintage mirrors is the price. Vintage mirrors are hard to find and cost a lot to your pocket. And to spend a high amount of money for such a thing is not a good deal.

5 ‘Same mirror but different way’
A mirror is a plain glass that shows the reflection of anything placed ahead on it and that’s it. You cannot add anything else in the mirror but can only find different ways to make it look more appealing and attractive. The look of a mirror also depends upon on how you place the mirror, on what you place the mirror and where you place the mirror. A stylish way to place a mirror is by hanging it. This is the most usual way but is unique. In this you can tie up the mirror with a lace or rope and hang it. Other one is a by placing a mirror on a stylish stand. This is a good option but is suitable for only selective bathrooms. Putting a frame on the mirror is also a way to improve the look.

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