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A full wall natural scenery add a lovely pop of color to the walls in a large living room.

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    From modern to vintage to DIY, we have incorporated living room wall art ideas of all shapes and sizes in this article; choose the one that suits you and remember to choose wall art that takes up the width of the living room wall, minus 6-12 inches on each side, so it center alignment. For example, if you have a 40-inch wall, you should choose something around 28 inches wide.

    Wall panels
    Wall paneling is a gorgeous way to bring in a modern touch to the living room especially if the living room is neutral-themed. From Aluminium to wood, veneer, or concrete, the options are many for you to choose from.
    Symmetrical grid wall art
    Grouping of frames does more than what the eyes meet, especially when arranged symmetrically. To play up a sense of uniqueness, put the frames to tell a story of the favorite places visited or about the people close to your heart.

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