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MoroccaninspiredModernwallartwithhadcraftedbowls bestlivingroomwallartideas

MoroccaninspiredModernwallartwithhadcraftedbowls bestlivingroomwallartideas

Make your living room wall look like a handicraft haven, incorporate bowls or terracotta art works into the wall decor.


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    Build Rows and Columns With Captured Moments
    Design a family photo wall with a collection of fun and joyous moments. Include candids of the road trip you went for, kiddos playing, your wedding moments, fabulous dinners etc. Evenly arrange your images in rows and columns for a clean look.
    Seasonal Hoop Wall Art
    As the season changes outside, change your living room wall decor with Hoop wall arts - the cleverest of all the changeable displays on any wall.

    Glazed wall arts
    Do you live in a modern and stylish home with a textured wall that craves for a facelift? Try glazed wall arts to achieve a unique wall decor that’ll complement your living room furniture and interiors. Take sheets of decorative papers, hand paintings made by your kids or anything that holds creativity in it, apply them on plywood and finish off with the ‘pour-on’ glaze. Let it dry for a day or two before you hang it on the walls.

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