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Bird-themed living room arrangement with framed bird illustration, yellow chair and blue sofa. Image:

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    Decide on a focal point
    Be it the living room or bedroom the first thing that catches our eyes is the focal point. Focal points can be anything - a TV, fireplace, artworks, floor lamp, a dual-duty table or chandelier. Arranging the furniture in the living room to emphasize the focal point is a great way to add liveliness to space. Most importantly, furniture arrangements around the focal point take the focus off the less attractive things in the living room.

    Geometric designs are on the trend
    Geometric styles are a fantastic way to make your living room more distinctive. So do not hesitate to embrace squares, circles, and semicircles to keep the family gathering or conversations relaxed. A half circle or a semi-circle arrangement around a coffee table is ideal if you have chairs and no sofa. For the living rooms with spacious windows, place chairs or couches in a perpendicular fashion so you can enjoy the serene outdoors.

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