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A fairly balanced pastel hues and space-saving wall mounted shelf to add a relaxed and organized feel to your living room

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    Now, let’s get to the good bits - the Do’s in living room decor
    Be it a furniture or statement centerpiece, do choose the most expensive or favorite one and decorate around it.
    2. Have the dimmer switches, task lighting, mood lighting and the appropriate light bulbs in place.
    3. Create conversation areas by choosing a floating furniture arrangement in the living room.
    4. Do have the rug and carpet dimensions to fit the room and furnitures so you can get rid of the island-furniture feeling.

    5. Do create a focal point either using the television or fireplace. Arranging the living room around the dining table or perhaps around an empty space will also make a difference.
    6. Do stick with a theme that unifies the wall, paint, and furnitures in the living room. Hues of the same color is an emerging trend seen in Living room decor.
    7. Do hang the window treatments or curtains high to give the illusion of bigger windows.
    8. Take an effort to declutter for living room with breathing space is more inviting than the one stuffed with things.
    9. Add Texture adds dimension and interest to a room. It appeals to our visual and tactile senses when we perceive a space that makes use of smooths, roughs, shines, and dulls – just not in an overkill fashion.

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