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Colourful living room decorated with distressed vintage furniture, sofa with bold printed pillows and red geometric patterned rug. Image:

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    7. Throw pillows are ideal to accent the interior of the living room but don’t use too many of them on the couch or sofa. Limit the numbers so neither you nor the guests have to move them off.
    8. Don’t hesitate to mix high items with the low ones. Embracing varying heights of furnitures and bookshelves creates an interesting and inviting ambiance.
    9. Don't allow unfilled corners to screw up the depth and dimension of your living room. A comfy chair or houseplant can rule out the blankness.
    10. Don’t ignore architectural details and beauty the living room should carry. If you have plans to mix and match period furniture in a modern room, make sure lines and silhouettes are on the same page.
    11. Don’t make your living room’s furniture decor too formulaic.
    12. Don't clump the collections you've gathered over the years into living room so you can avoid the claustrophobic feel.

    5. Do create a focal point either using the television or fireplace. Arranging the living room around the dining table or perhaps around an empty space will also make a difference.
    6. Do stick with a theme that unifies the wall, paint, and furnitures in the living room. Hues of the same color is an emerging trend seen in Living room decor.
    7. Do hang the window treatments or curtains high to give the illusion of bigger windows.
    8. Take an effort to declutter for living room with breathing space is more inviting than the one stuffed with things.
    9. Add Texture adds dimension and interest to a room. It appeals to our visual and tactile senses when we perceive a space that makes use of smooths, roughs, shines, and dulls – just not in an overkill fashion.

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