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Subtle yet bright living room with bright yellow painted fireplace, white sofa and wall mounted bookshelf. Image:

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    2.  Do not make your living room sterile and overwhelmed with furnitures.
    3. Do not use a small area rug while decorating the living room as the look of rug edges far from furniture will be a decor disaster, by all means.
    4. Do not push the sofas and other furniture against the wall. Too much of empty space in the living room creates an awkward vibe.
    5. Do not hang wall arts too high or too low. Hung them at eye level so guests can appreciate the fine pieces on the wall.
    6. Do not overlook the importance of dimmer switches. Be it a pendant light or an incandescent bulb, every light in your living room should have a dimmer switch.

    Now, let’s get to the good bits - the Do’s in living room decor
    Be it a furniture or statement centerpiece, do choose the most expensive or favorite one and decorate around it.
    2. Have the dimmer switches, task lighting, mood lighting and the appropriate light bulbs in place.
    3. Create conversation areas by choosing a floating furniture arrangement in the living room.
    4. Do have the rug and carpet dimensions to fit the room and furnitures so you can get rid of the island-furniture feeling.

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