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Decor outdoor living area
It is good to stay close to nature as it revives you and refreshes you. Living inside house feels like living in a cube so it is good to get some fresh air outside. Outdoor living area are now a part of every house. To make your stay comfortable and pleasing, you need to decorate your outdoor living area.
Just in case if you are thinking of decorating your outdoor area, here are some ways that will surely help you.

1 Garden
The best way to decorate your outdoor is by planning a garden. Garden are the most beautiful sights and keep you really close to nature. It adds to the beauty of the house. You can spend a joyful time with your family in the garden. Be it the evening tea or morning exercise, garden serves many purposes. But it is hard to maintain, people who feel this can go for artificial grass. It won’t give you a natural feel but will surely decorate your outdoor living area.

2 Fountain or waterfall
Waterfalls and fountains are a symbol of luxurious and grand houses. You can surely go for a fountain if you have required space. For a modern day patio, waterfall is the suitable.

3 Furniture
Your outdoor living area is incomplete without furniture. You need to choose furniture depending upon the theme you carry for your outdoor. For garden, teak furniture is the best choice because Sofa won’t last long in the open. Foldable furniture is a better option as you can place it and remove it by your choice. Garden swing is suitable for every garden and be it kids, adults or old age people, everyone loves it. But if you are planning to convert Patio in a outdoor living area, a different type of furniture is needed for that. Sofa sets are ideal for patios specially heavy sofa sets as they are soft and comfortable. Indoor swing or Swing chair are also good. You can place it a corner and read a book or enjoy your coffee on it. Bench with magnificent textures will complete your furniture list. Benches are suitable for both Patio and garden.

4 Pergola
Your outdoor will look incomplete without pergola. Pergola look amazing outdoor and are best for decoration purpose. The look of pergola is pleasing and i am sure you want it at your place. Just in case if you don’t understand the meaning of pergola then a pergola is a garden feature forming a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area of  pillars that usually support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice, often upon which woody vines are trained. Pergola come from western culture but has been adopted worldwide.

5 Shelter
Shelter is important because it safeguards the place and most importantly your furniture  from any bad climate condition. Plastic polythene cover, the old way of shelter, may not look fancy and will be the old one out. So you need to choose right shelter that goes well with the theme and is suitable. For different places, different shelters are available. If you are looking for shelter for your veranda, you can go with Timber frame shelter as they are strong and can handle harsh weather conditions and with that they also look beautiful.

If you find Timber frame shelter expensive you can go for a plastic sheet shelter. It will also look good, provided you choose or paint the right colour that matches with the colour of the walls. For garden area you can go for a wooden shelter as it will have to bear Sunlight, Rainfall, storm. So a wooden frame is certainly best for Garden. For patio, soft cloth curtains can be used as shelter as patio as usually covered and need protection only from sunlight. However if there are unusual rains, you can go for a glass shelter which will look good and will save your furniture.

6 A bonfire place
The most attractive and satisfying thing for outdoor is a bonfire. I am sure you had a dream that you, with your friends or family, are sitting near bonfire with soft breeze touching you and passing by. Some light music and talks. This is the most common dream we all had. So now when it’s time you can live it. There is not a very detailed setup for a bonfire but care needs to be taken as anything bad can happen. Bonfire, whether in Patio or in Garden, should not be very close to furniture especially sofa or a couch as they are made up of material which can catch fire easily.

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