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Bathroom tiles ideas
Tiles are best for bathrooms. A lot many people suggest of paints in the bathroom but even the best paints fade over a period of time as water splashes on it again and again. So tiles are the only option left for the bathrooms but it is not that you will have to manage with them. Tiles have a large variety and will look absolutely perfect in your bathroom. Just not the look, but tiles are durable, easy to clean and water splashes will cause no harm to them. If you are looking forward to upgrade your bathroom and want to have tiles in your bathroom.

Here are some brilliant tiles ideas for your bathroom
1 Plain tiles
The first type and style of tiles is plain tiles. If you don’t want to spend on designer tiles and want to give a simple and sober look to your bathroom, plain tiles are best for that. You can choose any colour, white though is highly recommend, and have that colour tiles in your bathroom and that will be all. White colour is best because it is a bright colour and is good for bright light. Now if you are thinking that plain colour tiles will not look that good in your bathroom then you are probably wrong. Plain tiles look amazing in you bathroom if you choose right colour tiles and you can add decoration material to your bathroom just in case if you feel it is too simple.

2 Designer tiles
Designer tiles have captured the market and are improving the look of every bathroom. There is a variety and wide range of designer tiles available in the market for you to choose from. You can go for a specific design and have tiles of that design completely covering your bathroom or you can have different designer tiles for every wall. There is a lot of space for creativity but you should have a clear picture in your mind. If you don’t plan out properly, the look may not be completely opposite to what you have imagined in your mind. So it is better to consult a decorator before you proceed.

3 ‘Work on floor’
This is a smart move to save some extra bucks and the look of your bathroom will be amazing. The trick is simple. You leave all the walls as they are and have tiles only on the floor of the bathroom. To give the best look to your bathroom you can whitewash the walls with a waterproof paint and go for some designer tiles for the floor. You can go for pattern tiles such as small blocks pattern, crossed lines, etc. You can also go for a specific colour tiles or anything you think will look good in your bathroom. You can also go for border painted tiles.

4 ‘One bathroom, One colour’
You must be wondering what is new in this idea? Well it is true that this is an old idea but this is also the most brilliant idea if you perform it properly. Previously, what we use to do was we use to have one colour tiles in the bathroom. This time also it is the same but the choice of colour will be different and you will decorate the bathroom with decoration material. You need to go for a different colour, for instance black. Black is a dark colour but looks really amazing. You can have black tiles all over the bathroom. Now you need to place sufficient lighting. Go for trendy lights. You can also add decoration material such as plants, stones, paintings, etc. to give the final touch. After everything is done, have a look and you will be surprised and amazed with the beauty.

5 Focus on one wall
Instead of working on other walls, you can focus on one wall. You need to choose one wall. It can be the one in the background of the bathtub, or one behind the shower, or the one you see first as you enter the bathroom. After choosing the wall, you now need to choose the type, style of the tile you want to have on that wall. You can with the theme of the bathroom or you can choose a particular pattern tile for the bathroom. To make it more better, you can put paintings on the walls.

6 Marble
If your house is entirely made of marble and you want to have marble in your bathroom as well, you can go ahead with that. Marble,no doubt, looks amazing in the bathroom and last for a long time.

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