West Elm Floor Lamps set 06

West Elm Floor Lamps set 06
Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + fbx Render: Corona

Light Rods LED Reader Floor Lamp Bronze / Brass

It is a smart choice for reading nooks. It will not be necessary to replace the bulb.

Dimensions 390×1220
Manufacturer site http://www.westelm.ca/light-rods-led-reader-floor-lamp-w3320?quantity=1&attribute_1=Dark%20Bronze
Polys: 6,185
Verts: 6,294

Duet floor lamp

Created by designer Aaron Probyn, our Duet Floor Lamp is a glass orb that peeks through the transparent dome shade. Offset soft, ambient light, its freestanding shade can be repositioned.

Dimensions 400×1440
Manufacturer website http://www.westelm.ca/duet-floor-lamp-h4048
Polys: 14,992
Verts: 15,252

Line Art Floor Lamp

Floor Lamps It is not necessary to replace the bulbs.

Dimensions 610 W X 640 g X 1530 V
Manufacturer website http://www.westelm.ca/line-art-floor-lamp-w3327
Polys: 8,104
Verts: 8,109

The pivot is centrally located at the bottom of the lamp for easy placement.

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