Aviation themed decorative loft set

In the archive: .max 2013 and 2016 file-folder with .obj file-folder with textures 1. (Niagara dressery by Sentient) http://www.sentientfurniture.com/sentient-niagara-dresser  (Dimensions – 2130x508x710mm) 2. (Industrial desk lamp by John Richard) http://www.johnrichard.com/our-products/lighting/portable-lighting/industrial-desk-lamp.html?___SID=U  (Dimensions h770mm) 3. (Prints of models of aircrafts from Etsy) https://www.etsy.com/shop/PatentPrints?section_id=13495554  * Кол. Polygons: 448.263 (meshsmooth1) 207.780 (meshsmooth1) (meshsmooth is enabled by default) * Scene in millimeters * The model is placed at zero coordinates
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