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modernscandinavianinspired cozylivingwith bumpersofawoodenshelfand furniture

modernscandinavianinspired cozylivingwith bumpersofawoodenshelfand furniture

Elegant Scandinavian style is all about mixing the right aesthetics with design.


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    7. Bring in Boho style
    Love bright colors, patterns, and prints? Then, it's time to inject Bohemian style to your neutral living room. Patterned rugs on sofas, vintage mirrors, fur-made colorful pillows, leather ornaments, rumpled fabrics - too many choices for you to brainstorm.
    8. Two-Toned Walls are fun
    There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to designing a close-to-the-heart living room. So feel free to have a little fun by pairing two unusual colors to define the style and coziness of the living area.
    9. Rustic Decor and Design
    Rustic style is one of the popular picks among many homeowners. What do you call a living room well-balanced with natural light, coral tones, and natural wooden interiors? Cozy or Heaven?

    4. Add warmer tones
    Adding warmer undertones to the neutral color palette is another way to add cozy, understated elegance to your living room. Swatches with warm tones - red, yellow, tan, brown - are engaging and inviting. You won’t regret the choice!
    5. Bookshelves and Books
    Don’t you think there’s something undeniably comforting about a wall of colorful books? A built-in bookshelf on either side of the fireplace will definitely double the warmth and coziness of the living room.
    6. Wood panel is great
    Whether you have a contemporary, modern or minimalist living room, wood paneling is a great option to give life and coziness to the living room walls, and floors. Square and rectangular wood panels act as undeniably charming wall accents too.

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